General Infertility

What You Can Do For General Infertility Before Rushing To A Doctor

The continued inability to conceive a child after extended periods of unprotected sexual intercourse is referred to as infertility. Infertility could be caused due to either the male or the female. Doctors say that of all the cases of infertility that they encounter, about 30% are due to male fertility, another 35% are due to female infertility, and the remaining cases are due to problems on both sides. It is natural for men and women to want to have children, and this might lead them to rush to see a doctor as soon as they suspect themselves of infertility. Before that, though, it is imperative that all the other options have been tried out, which can help understand whether there is infertility, without having to go to the doctor. Let us look at a few of these.

Right Diet :

Maintaining a balanced diet is always welcome, but sometimes those diets are taken to crazy levels which can play havoc with the constitution of the body, and also interfere with the process of conceiving. Complex carbohydrates, which have comparatively slower burning rates, are recommended for increased fertility. On the other hand, trans fats can disturb the ovulatory cycle, so are to be avoided.

Necessary Minerals :

Apart from the correct nutrients from food, the body also needs several minerals like vitamins, zinc and other minerals which can ensure conception. Instead of going straight to a doctor and getting pills prescribed for them, it is a better idea to first include foods in your diet that can improve your intake of these minerals.

Adequate Sleep :

At least seven to eight hours of sleep are needed for anybody to ensure that bodily functions are carried out normally. This holds true for ovulation as well, and irregular or inadequate sleep could impact ovulation patterns.

Tracking of body temperature :

Ovulation follows a cycle, and it is important that the attempt to conceive is done at the correct stage of this cycle. Most people find it difficult to predict this cycle correctly, and hence miss out on opportunities. This can be easily achieved by tracking the basal body temperature, which gives an indication of the days which are the best (having increased fertility).

Keep Trying, But Don’t Overdo :

Like we said in the earlier point, most couples get stressed about the fertile peaks in the cycle, and end up confused about the right time (or days) for sexual intercourse. It is not a good idea to time intercourse exactly with the fertile days. It is much better to normally have sex at least twice a week, which should successfully cover all the possible fertile days.
These are certain food and lifestyle changes that can be followed to improve the chances of conception. These are like home remedies and do not need you to go to a doctor. Only if all of these are being followed, and unprotected sex has been tried for more than a year without success, then medical advice might be required, and you need to go to a doctor.